Friday, May 17, 2013

Short Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Oh my god, where do I begin? I am at a complete loss for words here. I mean, this film... it was just horrible. The terrible plot, the numerous inconsistencies, the historical villain turned side character, the boyfriend issues (again?) the mutha fucking Trans-Warp Engine!!! How do I begin when there are just so many things wrong with this film to even suggest that it be called "Star Trek"? Well, I guess I'll try to stay on track and list the problems where I found them. I promise to be brief, because this is of course, a short review...
  1. The Enterprise is NOT a submarine. No matter how much J.J. Abrams wants to believe it is. Spaceships and Submarines are built differently for two very big reasons. Space does not have water, and spaceships aren't built to withstand the depths of an ocean.
  2. Again, we live in an alternate universe where Starfleet is clearly a defenseless entity of the Federation, due to the fact that though more militarized, it still cannot defend it's own officers from a surprise enemy attack (i.e. Godfather: Part III massacre).
  3. Harrison/Khan is able to transport himself from Earth to Qo'noS (again, NOT Kronos), by using Scotty's Trans-Warp device, thus making starships ineffective, logic seem worthless and the story plot just a little more idiotic.
  4. Admiral Marcus, if you're going to build a completely secret starship made solely for war, please be a little bit smarter and take that fucking model off your desk. It can't be a secret starship if you have a model displayed in the open!
  5. Remember a quote from Enterprise? "Four days there, four days back." Well, apparently time does not matter in Abrams' Trek, because they're able to reach Qo'noS in under a few hours. And then make it back to Earth in even less time! Ridiculous!
  6. In less than a year of Vulcan's destruction, Admiral Marcus was able to find Khan, force him to work for Section 31, build a massive "secret" shipyard in a high space-traffic area, build the largest starship in the history of the Federation and plan for a war with the Klingons. Abrams' Logic at it's very best, ladies and gentlemen.
  7. After dropping out of warp over Earth's moon, both the Enterprise and Vengeance only remain adrift for several minutes until they are both suddenly pulled into Earth's orbit, you know... because the Earth and it's Moon are so fucking close.
  8. Again, why does the entire engineering section --including the warp core-- look and feel like some 21st century brewery? I mean, seriously, it's a starship, not some industrial warehouse! It's just too huge to fit in a ship that size, Mr. Abrams.
  9. One of my second biggest gripes; Khan crashes his ship into the heart of San Francisco, yet one year later Kirk's only going on about the lost of his own personal crew. Tens of thousands died in the buildings Khan destroyed, yet Kirk's crew gets a memorial?
  10. Finally; Every single detail in the scene between Kirk and Spock after the events of the battle between the Enterprise and Vengeance is the exact same as in "Wrath of Khan", only in reverse. This is so bad that not is it only NOT an homage to WoK, but it is an insult to movie goers who put their trust in terrible writing. It was just... bad.
So that's it. That's my take on "Into Darkness". I'm sure I'll have a slew of other complaints to be made available some time in the near future. Maybe I need to watch it more, so I can better attack it's low points which I promise there are many. In any case, if this is an indication as to how bad a series Abrams can make Star Trek, then I have nothing but fear for whatever lies ahead for Star Wars.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disney Closes LucasArts... Big Surprise.

There's a limit to how much "revamping" a company can do to a decades old image before it just completely destroys it and shits all over it's remains. Clearly, Disney is reaching that limit here, by closing LucasArts an basically cancelling... one of the few SW games that actually had people interested in (1313). This is just downright stupid and total bullshit. Now I fear for the survival of The Old Republic MMORPG. Why? Because I just got into it three months ago and already have a slew of characters created and time and money invested, that's why!
Then again, I can't be completely angry over this, it's been quite some time since LucasArts brought us anything of true value. So their sudden close can't be all that shocking. I just hope that their current projects are given new life with someone else, because 1313 did have a lot of promise to it. At least, from the E3 coverage that was shown.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Double Feature... Double Feature Weekend!

Yesterday, being bored beyond words and tired of spending the weekends doing absolutely nothing; I decided to spend the day at the cinema and have a double-feature weekend. First up was a film made by WWE Studios. Knowing that fact beforehand; I probably wouldn't have given this film a second thought. The last few WWE films were terrible. Strike that; all of the WWE films have been terrible. But l...ike I said, I wanted to get out and have some fun.

So my first film was Dead Man Down. Final Say: Dead Man Down was great. In fact, it was one of the better films I've seen so far this year. The story kept me invested from start to finish, the characters were engaging and worth following, the action-packed moments (though few and inbetween) were just that; action-packed, and the end result is a pretty damn good movie. It was definitely worth the ticket price.

My second film was an on-the-spot choice since Identity Theft wasn't playing there anymore and everything else had either already started or wouldn't start for over an hour. So with that in mind, I saw Jack: The Giant Slayer. Final Say: Bryan Singer delivers an amazing piece of cinema… that is; for a man who’s too busy devoting 90% of his time making the new X-Men movie. Aside from the hot princess, the occasional adventure moments and the ending battle, this film was an outright flop.

So yesterday was a movie going day of positive surprise and outright disappointment. Dead Man Down is a film that I’d very much recommend to anyone wanting to see something with a great story and awesome actors portraying badass characters. It’s worth the watch. Unfortunately, I do not recommend Jack: The Giant Slayer to anyone looking to spend money at the cinema in hopes of being entertained, unless that kind of entertainment is your sort of thing. Then by all means, go see it.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

TV Show Marathon: Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite... no, wait? That's not right. What was I saying? Ohhh right, Gossip Girl. So lately I've been on a marathon kick when it comes to my TV shows, seeing as how I've been behind on so many of them this past fall season. So since Gossip Girl (one of my guilty pleasure shows) had it's final season this past fall, I decided to catch up on the final two seasons in my free time. I've also managed to delete or watch many of the new pilots I recorded, as many of them turned out to be utter crap, save for a few solid choices (i.e. Nashville, Arrow, Continuum). So with that in mind, I am now on a Gossip Girl bender.

Friday, February 22, 2013

New On The Tube: Nashville

Okay, so with absolutely nothing to do today, work-wise or otherwise, lol, I decided to try out a new show. I have a bunch of new shows on my harddrive that I haven't gotten around to yet but find interest in. Anyway, since I wasn't in the right mood for Nikita or Sons of Anarchy yet, last night or rather this morning, I decided to give Nashville a shot. So far I'm on episode four and I have to, it isn't too bad. The story itself is rather bland at the moment and only one or two storylines are worth following, but the original music is pretty amazing.
Hayden Panettiere's voice actually works for the Country genre. Connie Britton also surprised me as her voice is pretty damn good. But the real show stealers, in my opinion, has got to be Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio. Not only do they work amazingly well together on-screen, but their voices are amazing. Clare Bowen's Scarlett continues to amaze me. I'm not putting 100% stock into the show, but so long as it airs, I'll continue to follow it's progress. The music is what keeps me invested though; I'm kind of a sucker for country music.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns His Position!

So today has been very, very interesting from a Catholic's point of view, as Pope Benedict has decided (out of the blue) to resign from his position as Pope and retire at the age of 85, due to personal reasons, like being too old to continue serving his people properly. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call Shenanigans on this sudden desire to resign his post due to "old age". Popes for the last 600+ years have held their position through the best times and the worst times, right up until their dying days. Something more is going on here. As a faithful Catholic, I'm just not buying any of it. John Paul II, a man I truly looked up to growing up, served with the highest honors until his dying day. That man was a Saint in my book.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

...Just One of Those Days

Don't you hate it when your day goes from bad, to worse, to okay, to pretty good, to bad, then back to worse again all in a few hours? I mean, life would be so much better if I didn't have to deal with human beings anymore. Specifically, the hypocrites, the assholes, the hateful and especially those with no remorse or moral fiber whatsoever. But alas, life would not be worth living if everything was easy and simple, would it? Sometimes though, easier would help some of us out a little bit.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Game of the Month: Feburary

Feburary Game of the Month: Far Cry 3 - So last month I was too busy to focus on one particular game, so I'm starting my GOTM now in Feburary instead. This month, it's Far Cry 3. It took me a while to even want to play this game, as the last Far Cry was downright terrible, in my opinion. But after a very, very high recommendation from a friend, I gave it a chance. And boy am I glad that I did. So far I've been playing a little each night for three days now and currently; I love the graphics, it's nice and crisp. I'm really digging the story, which is very important. And the gameplay is great, mixed with story/mystery/action. Capturing the enemy bases can become repetitive pretty quick, but as you progress to the second island, they become a little more challenging, which is nice.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Life Sorta Sucks That Way

I wrote a very, very, very lengthy blog post about the state of ignorance and hatred in this world, and about how I'm finding it harder and harder to find the beauty anymore and block the despair and darkness out... then my computer crashed and recovered. I loss everything I wrote. It's fitting, really. That's how I feel. So much to say, so much to express, yet whenever I do it just fades away as if I never spoke in the first place. It's soooo, very, fitting...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Blog Under... Construction.

I'm currently undergoing some design changes for the new year, so don't mind the missing images or constant layout changes, I'm trying to find something nice that fits. Bare with me or blow off. Your choice. Aloha.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Review - BSG: Blood & Chrome

I just watched the web-series. Here's my thoughts; The story is simple, too simple actually. There's no major conflicts, no major battles, or dogfights between the Colonials and the Cylons, which is disappointing. We have a short hit & run moment between several Cylon Raiders and Adama's Raptor (yeah, Raptor, not Viper), and a quick fight at the end, but nothing memorable at all. The acting is, many of the web-series' cast is either from BSG or Caprica, which is a nice addition to say the least, so they do their best with what they're given.

Who made this? Watch it and you'll agree that it feels like something a J.J. Abrams lacky made. The amount of lens flare in this show is insane. Honestly, it's downright ridiculous. Finally there's the Cylon Centurions which look nothing like any Centurion we've ever seen, which would be fun to see if it even made any sense whatsoever... and it doesn't. How hard is it to stick with the usual Centurion models? It gets a 4/10 for effort. But it lacks in story and effects. And I don't see the upcoming unrated Blu-Ray version being any better, too.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Random Ideas Can Make Great Stories!

So I had one of those awesome, yet confusing moments tonight. I had this idea the other night that came and went before I could make anything of it. Anyway, tonight I opened one of my iWriter apps on my iPad and started writing for the heck of it. It was just a thought, a concept, an idea. But before I knew it, two hours had past and I had written twelve pages worth. I have no idea where the story is going because I'm literally making the story up as I go. I just have a rough outline to go on and that's it. So far, I'm having a lot of fun.