Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

A new day, a new era in our Country... Game changing... Historical... Record breaking... last night's Presidential Election was one for the books, there is no doubt about it. History was made and true change was brought to this Country, just as the people wanted. All we can do now is come together and try to work side by side to ensure a prosperous future for us all... or at least, the fairer skinned among us. 

Because make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, last night a certain class of Americans won more than the rest of us. With great glee and pride, they came out in droves and voted, stood side by side in their movement to bring about the change they've talked about wanting for years, and made their dreams come true. I'm talking about White Elitists; people who thinks that their skin color makes them so much more better than the rest of us. That because you have white skin, this Country owes you some respect. People who thinks people like me should come second to them, to have less rights than them, to BE less than them. 

These simple minded racists have spent years being fought into the shadows by the changing world, by a modern world full of equality and tolerance for ALL. For too long, we have fought to ensure a safe and secure future for people of all colors, cultures, sexuality and beliefs. But as they say; for every two steps forward, we must sometimes take one step back. Today, we begin to take that one step back. For the first time, I find myself acknowledging this; Donald Trump will become President of the United States of America, Mike Pence will become Vice President of the United States of America... their actions, their beliefs, their decisions, will be remembered in the annals of history. 

We have fought to give equal rights to all proud men and women of the LBGT community, Mike Pence believes people who even file for same sex marriage licenses should be jailed... We have fought to create a nation of all colors, cultures and beliefs, Donald Trump wants to deport as many immigrants as possible instead of fixing our immigration problem in general... We are fighting to ensure that women everywhere have equal pay, fighting to ensure they have a say over their own bodies, and fighting to ensure that they are respected just as much as men are, Donald Trump disrespects every aspect of a woman, from her body, to her mind, to her ability to choose for herself... 

What makes it all worse for ware, Donald Trump won't even be our true President. Mike Pence will run so much more than he from the shadows. He will insert his close-minded religious views and beliefs wherever he can, and will manipulate Trump into taking terrible actions against people he deems lesser than he. I am ashamed... I am sad... I am angry... I am terrified. Those of you reading this, disagreeing with me... take a moment to look in the mirror... is your skin white? Are you male? Are you straight? If so, don't worry about much, you'll be fine. For the rest of us, we'll be fine too. We will stand together, fight for our freedoms like we always have, and remember always... 

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back... 
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back... 
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back... 

From here, we can only move Forward.

Monday, October 31, 2016

The North Dakota Pipeline

Keeping Americans of any sex, color or creed in dog kennels like animals just for protesting an environmentally dangerous Pipeline goes against everything this country stands for.

Putting people on terror watch lists just for speaking out against said Pipelines is not only a terrible misuse of a watch list, but is also truly disgusting.

Shame on our candidates for failing to acknowledge this, shame on our government for not immediately taking action against this, and shame on us all for not making this more of an important issue. Disgusting. Oil companies, Pipelines... it's going to be fucking hilarious when we run out of crude oil someday soon and have zero alternative means to fallback on.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Logan - Official Teaser Trailer

Most of the time when I sit down to view a new movie trailer, my moods range from Overwhelmingly Excited to Extremely Disappointed. So it was a rarity to feel something completely different when watching the teaser trailer for "Logan" for the first time.

The moment the teaser ended I felt an incredible sadness rush over me. The Wolverine I've come to know and love was an old man, weaker and broken. His hair is grey, his body scared and finally showing its age. He was a far cry from the Hugh Jackman I've spent more than 16 years getting to know.

He's not only spent these long years embodying the iconic role of Wolverine, he's spent it growing and evolving into the memorable hero we all come to love. And just seeing him like that, felt really sad. These are Hugh Jackman's last days in shoes of an X-Man.

Another emotionally draining aspect of this teaser was the last legs that the legendary Charles Xavier seemed to be standing on, so to speak. He seemed so frail and brittle. It was very hard seeing Patrick Stewart that way. Professor X and Logan together in their final days, brilliance.

The setting, the rugged terrain, the characters and cast, the overall atmosphere of "Logan" is just extremely well done and will make for one hell of a final ride... final, I hate having to say that word so much here. It just feels sad really, knowing that this is the end of our journey with the Wolverine. It feels like we're letting go of apart of ourselves.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Has it Really Been a Year?

...just over a year has passed since I last bothered to log into my blog and share my bland thoughts with my entire base of non-existent readers. A lot has happened since then, some things to be happy about, some things to be sad about, and a lot of things to be angry and frustrated about. Pretty much the every day life of your average human being stuck in a thin, yet indestructible bubble of bullshit and drama. Yeah, basically that. So lets see, what to talk about;

My best friend in the whole world and most remarkable dog I've ever had passed away. His name was Gizmo and he was a beautiful golden brown and light black Pekingese that had the friskiness and youthfulness of a puppy right up until his final days. He was always able to cause vast amounts of trouble right before making us melt from his puppy-dog eyes. He passed away on May 31st, 2013 after 14 and a half amazing years with us. I miss ya mate!

Medical shitfest ensued as well since my last keystroke. I spent most of December and half of January 2014 with a terrible chest infection that just wouldn't go away, that gave me constant headaches and made me feel like shit for what should have been a happy time of year, I finally get over it for two months only to get sick again from some idiot that passed it to me in March, and spent another week getting better, only to get a relapse in mid April. Fun, right?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Short Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Oh my god, where do I begin? I am at a complete loss for words here. I mean, this film... it was just horrible. The terrible plot, the numerous inconsistencies, the historical villain turned side character, the boyfriend issues (again?) the mutha fucking Trans-Warp Engine!!!

How do I begin when there are just so many things wrong with this film to even suggest that it be called "Star Trek"? Well, I guess I'll try to stay on track and list the problems where I found them. I promise to be brief, because this is of course, a short review...
  1. The Enterprise is NOT a submarine. No matter how much J.J. Abrams wants to believe it is. Spaceships and Submarines are built differently for two very big reasons. Space does not have water, and spaceships aren't built to withstand the depths of an ocean.
  2. Again, we live in an alternate universe where Starfleet is clearly a defenseless entity of the Federation, due to the fact that though more militarized, it still cannot defend it's own officers from a surprise enemy attack (i.e. Godfather: Part III massacre).
  3. Harrison/Khan is able to transport himself from Earth to Qo'noS (again, NOT Kronos), by using Scotty's Trans-Warp device, thus making starships ineffective, logic seem worthless and the story plot just a little more idiotic.
  4. Admiral Marcus, if you're going to build a completely secret starship made solely for war, please be a little bit smarter and take that fucking model off your desk. It can't be a secret starship if you have a model displayed in the open!
  5. Remember a quote from Enterprise? "Four days there, four days back." Well, apparently time does not matter in Abrams' Trek, because they're able to reach Qo'noS in under a few hours. And then make it back to Earth in even less time! Ridiculous!
  6. In less than a year of Vulcan's destruction, Admiral Marcus was able to find Khan, force him to work for Section 31, build a massive "secret" shipyard in a high space-traffic area, build the largest starship in the history of the Federation and plan for a war with the Klingons. Abrams' Logic at it's very best, ladies and gentlemen.
  7. After dropping out of warp over Earth's moon, both the Enterprise and Vengeance only remain adrift for several minutes until they are both suddenly pulled into Earth's orbit, you know... because the Earth and it's Moon are so fucking close.
  8. Again, why does the entire engineering section --including the warp core-- look and feel like some 21st century brewery? I mean, seriously, it's a starship, not some industrial warehouse! It's just too huge to fit in a ship that size, Mr. Abrams.
  9. One of my second biggest gripes; Khan crashes his ship into the heart of San Francisco, yet one year later Kirk's only going on about the lost of his own personal crew. Tens of thousands died in the buildings Khan destroyed, yet Kirk's crew gets a memorial?
  10. Finally; Every single detail in the scene between Kirk and Spock after the events of the battle between the Enterprise and Vengeance is the exact same as in "Wrath of Khan", only in reverse. This is so bad that not is it only NOT an homage to WoK, but it is an insult to movie goers who put their trust in terrible writing. It was just... bad.
So that's it. That's my take on "Into Darkness". I'm sure I'll have a slew of other complaints to be made available some time in the near future. Maybe I need to watch it more, so I can better attack it's low points which I promise there are many. In any case, if this is an indication as to how bad a series Abrams can make Star Trek, then I have nothing but fear for whatever lies ahead for Star Wars.

EDIT: Update - (added 11/9/2016) Sooooo, yeah. Abrams made The Force Awakens a mirror image of A New Hope... he did that, it happened, I wasn't surprised... oh well.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disney Closes LucasArts... Big Surprise.

There's a limit to how much "revamping" a company can do to a decades old image before it just completely destroys it and shits all over it's remains. Clearly, Disney is reaching that limit here, by closing LucasArts an basically cancelling... one of the few SW games that actually had people interested in (1313). 

This is just downright stupid and total bullshit. Now I fear for the survival of The Old Republic MMORPG. Why? Because I just got into it three months ago and already have a slew of characters created and time and money invested, that's why!

Then again, I can't be completely angry over this, it's been quite some time since LucasArts brought us anything of true value. So their sudden close can't be all that shocking. I just hope that their current projects are given new life with someone else, because 1313 did have a lot of promise to it. At least, from the E3 coverage that was shown.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

...Just One of Those Days

Don't you hate it when your day goes from bad, to worse, to okay, to pretty good, to bad, then back to worse again all in a few hours? I mean, life would be so much better if I didn't have to deal with human beings anymore. Specifically, the hypocrites, the assholes, the hateful and especially those with no remorse or moral fiber whatsoever. But alas, life would not be worth living if everything was easy and simple, would it? Sometimes though, easier would help some of us out a little bit.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Life Sorta Sucks That Way

I wrote a very, very, very lengthy blog post about the state of ignorance and hatred in this world, and about how I'm finding it harder and harder to find the beauty anymore and block the despair and darkness out... then my computer crashed and recovered. I loss everything I wrote. It's fitting, really. That's how I feel. So much to say, so much to express, yet whenever I do it just fades away as if I never spoke in the first place. It's soooo, very, fitting...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Short Review: Star Trek (2009) - 2nd Review

So out of boredom, I re-watched J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot/sequel this morning and I must say; it gets worse with multiple viewings. I mean, the science alone is just terrible, terrible, terrible (yes, three times the terrible). Spock's little backstory on how Romulan was destroyed makes no sense whatsoever. Stars go Supernova on a regular basis across this galaxy, yet I've never heard of one t...hat endangered an entire galaxy. Stars are huge, but in a galaxy? Only a speck of dust in comparison. Maybe if the Star in Romulan's system went supernova, then I'd be okay with that. But no, your logic is NOT sound, Spock, I'm sorry. And whats this with zero backstory on Nero's ship? We all know his ship is using Borg technology, but there's no mention of it in the film which is stupid. The books mention it, and that's what made Nero's ship so awesome. The fact that it was originally such a small ship that was surrounded by Borg tech to make it more powerful. Ugh. And here's a recommendation for you Mr. Abrams; STOP WITH THE FUCKING LENS FLARE!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

My God... My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families struck by this horrible, horrible tragedy in Connecticut this morning. Such reckless, heartless hate. I pray for the victims in this time and weep for the souless beings who can easily commit such acts with no remorse for the lives that they affect. I could not even begin to fathom such a horrible crime against humanity. Today is one of those days where I have to express some very built up emotion and say right alongside many others; "Fuck the 2nd Amendment!" Seriously. We are following laws made over 200 years ago by men who I promise you, would have changed said laws by now if they knew how evolved our nation would be today. But no, this is not the time for this. Now is the time to mourn the loss of the innocent.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December 1st, Everyone!

It's December 1st, people! That means there's only 32 days left until the New Year, only 25 days left until Christmas and only 23 days left until the supposed End of the World. Which one are you most likely to look forward to this year? "Christmas" is always a great time for families, and "New Years" usually has the best parties. But I think the "End of the World" parties will dominate this time around. Especially afterwards when we get to watch them wake up the next morning alive and being forced to remember all of the crap they did the night before when they thought they were going to die. Aha, the holiday season, right? HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Just One Year From 30, Today!

Yup, at long last, I have approached the age of no return. In exactly one year I will have lived to be 30, moved pass the best years of a young man's life, and reached the beginning of the end. It's all downhill from there, until you reach that new hill to climb to old age. Seriously, it's scary that I'm this old, I swear I don't feel that way. I swear I remember when CDs were still this amazing new thing for me and I didn't have to record songs off the radio or TV shows using VHS tapes. But I digress...

Life's been interesting to say the least. I've had happy times, I've had sad times, I've lived through hard times and I've lived through amazing times. Would I change anything? Maybe. But then how would I have gotten to this moment? It's our struggles and failures that teach us the most. I wouldn't want to lose or erase the failures in my life, otherwise I'd be an ignorant person today who never learned to comeback from a loss, or stand up from a fall. I am happy to had experienced my life the way I did. And I will be more than happy to keep on experiencing my life from this day forth. So happy birthday... to me.